Events Archive

Capital Market Regulation 2022

CERHA HEMPEL Banking & Finance Partner Peter Knobl gave a lecture on 16 May 2022 at the conference „Capital Market Regulation 2022“ organized by ARS.

EU-State Aid Law Update

CERHA HEMPEL Partner Dr. Stefan Huber gave a lecture on "Current case law of the Union Courts & implications for national state aid practice".

Austrian IT Law Day

CERHA HEMPEL Partner Dr. Hans Kristoferitsch gave a lecture on "Regulatory Sandboxes in the Context of the Proposal for an Artificial Intelligence Act" at the 16th Austrian IT Law Day.

D-A-CH Competition Law Conference 2022

On 29 April, the second D-A-CH Competition Law Conference (D-A-CH Kartellrechtsforum) discussed the „Digital Markets Act“.

Capital Market Law 2022

On 31 March 2022, the conference "Capital Market Law 2022" took place. CERHA HEMPEL Managing Partner Dr. Clemens Hasenauer LL.M./MBA took part as a lecturer and spoke on the topic "Update Market Abuse".

Course in Commercial Criminal Law

CERHA HEMPEL Partner Dr. Hans Kristoferitsch gave a lecture on Compliance at Manz' "Course in Commercial Criminal Law".

Sanctions against Russia

In the light of the Russia-Ukraine war, far-reaching sanctions have been imposed against Russia, Russian individuals and Russian companies. Russia has reacted inter alia by imposing counter-sanctions. We invite you to join our experts from our different CEE offices and the Vienna office for an overview of the measures introduced against Russia and the Russian counter-measures.

Compliance Circle Webinar

CERHA HEMPEL Partner Dr. Bernhard Kofler-Senoner und Dr. Armin Schwabl als auch Rechtsanwalt Mag. Christopher Peitsch luden zum Compliance Circle Webinar "Umsetzung Whistleblower-Richtlinie – Wann ist es soweit und was gilt es vorzubereiten?".

Basic Arbitration Seminar

On 11 and 12 March 2022, a Basic Arbitration Seminar, hold by AWAK, took place in Vienna. CERHA HEMPEL Senior Partner Hon.-Prof. Dr. Irene Welser took part as a speaker.

Webinars on "Russia Sanctions" and "Upcoming EU Supply Chain Directive"

CERHA HEMPEL Partner Dr. Anna Wolf-Posch, Dr. Stefan Huber and Mag. Lorenz Pracht gave a webinars on "Russia Sanctions" and "Upcoming EU Supply Chain Directive".