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At our Ljubljana office, we are committed to delivering outstanding legal solutions in the areas of corporate and commercial law. Our approach is based on the belief that even the most complex legal challenges can be effectively addressed with simplicity and clarity.

Our focus

With a track record spanning two decades, our team in Ljubljana has been at the forefront of advising Slovenia's leading companies, foreign investors and the public sector for many years. We have been extensively involved in a multitude of high-profile transactions throughout Slovenia and the Adriatic region, providing advice as strategic consultants. The trust our clients place in us and our lasting relationships with them result from the fact that we intrinsically understand their business goals and are able to provide expert legal solutions that fit their strategic visions.



Contact person
in Ljubljana

Matjaž Ulčar
Managing Partner Slovenia

Tel: +386 (0)1 56 05 300
E-mail: matjaz.ulcar(at)

Contact person
in Vienna

Dr. Bernhard Kofler-Senoner, LL.M.
Tel: +43 1 514 35 581
E-mail: bernhard.kofler-senoner(at)


Odvetniška pisarna Ulčar & partnerji d.o.o.
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Fax: +386 (0)1 56 05 304
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