Essay Competition

European Future Challenge

The European Future Challenge is organised in cooperation with the European Law Students Association (ELSA).

Essay Competition

European Green Deal, green buildings, green events, green energy – the award ceremony for the CERHA HEMPEL European Future Challenge Essay Competition, organized by corporate law firm CERHA HEMPEL in cooperation with ELSA Austria and held on 10 November in the Winter Garden at the Erste Campus, revolved around these exciting topics.

Students and young professionals from Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary were invited to submit essays to the CERHA HEMPEL European Future Challenge in which they set out their thoughts and ideas on the European Green Deal – legal innovations related to the issue of climate change in Europe.

A jury of experts made its decision, with prizes awarded for the best essays at the national and international level at a ceremony on Thursday.

Antonia Hotter won the international award for her essay on impact investing, with Nikolay Boshnakov taking home an award in recognition of his essay on the implementation of the European Green Deal in Bulgaria.

The winners will receive a coveted internship at CERHA HEMPEL, which has offices in all participating countries.

During the event, the topic of climate change and possible measures to counter it were examined and discussed from a variety of different perspectives. The keynote speech was given by Ms. DI Supper from the Green Energy Lab.

Dr. Bernhard Kofler-Senoner, LL.M., partner in charge of CERHA HEMPEL's CEE practice, was pleased with the diverse contributions submitted by students. In his address in which he paid tribute to the prizewinners, he emphasized the timeliness and relevance of the subject and the need to take responsibility with confidence and to contribute to climate protection.

Numerous guests accepted an invitation to go on a guided tour of the buildings at the Erste Campus. Afterwards, Ms. DI Supper from the Green Energy Lab gave a number of exciting insights into the projects underway as part of her initiative.

The guests enjoyed the rest of the evening over drinks and networking, with an impressive view of Vienna.

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