Pro Bono

Working pro bono forms an integral part of CERHA HEMPEL’s corporate culture and set of values. CERHA HEMPEL believes in providing services predominantly free of charge, voluntarily rendered and in the interest of the general good.

Based on a precise CERHA HEMPEL Pro Bono Policy adopted by its general meeting in December 2019 and regular support granted by its Pro Bono Committee, CERHA HEMPEL has rendered pro bono services of “particular charity (non-profit), socially beneficial, environmental protective, employment protection and human rights related pertinence” between December 2019 and October 2020 as follows:

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities: CERHA HEMPEL is represented by a honorary member in the supervisory board of the registered Austrian non-profit association Ronald McDonald’s Kinderhilfe and provides extensive legal advice on the association’s charitable activities such as construction of new houses, governance, general legal affairs and data protection issues. The scope of services provided encompasses around 60 hours per year.
  • Austrian Caritas Central Unit (Österreichische Caritaszentrale): CERHA HEMPEL has advised one of the leading Austrian charity organisations relating to the large project “construction of a new central unit”. The scope of services covered around 30 hours in 2020, but is likely to expand.
  • Genom Austria (non-profit association in the course of its registration): CERHA HEMPEL has rendered advice relating to the foundation and registration of the association and pertaining governance issues. The services included amounted to 30 hours.
  • Institute for the Protection of Marriage and Family (Institut für Ehe und Familie): CERHA HEMPEL has rendered ongoing advice in constitutional, administrative, criminal and civil law in areas relating to surrogacy, euthanasia, family law, biopolitics and company policy, discrimination of individuals, freedom of religion, data  protection and labor law. The volume of services provided comprised around 50 hours per year.
  • Austro-American Society (Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft, a registered non-profit organisation): CERHA HEMPEL has revised and updated the association’s standing rules, its entries into the Austrian associations’ register. A CERHA HEMPEL partner has meanwhile been co-opted as director within two involved associations. The scope of services rendered was around 50 hours per year.

Apart from the core activities described above for 2020, CERHA HEMPEL provided sponsoring and other supporting services to organisations active in social areas like VinziRast. Finally, CERHA HEMPEL renders volunteer work at highly reduced hourly rates for ecclesiastical organisations and non-profit associations that are linked to existing clients.

Genom Austria and Austro-American Society are also subject to the law firm’s Pro Bono Policy and supervision by its Pro Bono Committee.