CEE newsletter September 2015

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The new Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings

Stefanie Heimel explains how the new rules in the European Insolvency Regulation are aimed at making cross-border insolvency proceedings more effective and highlights the most significant key changes.

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Lifting the Ban on Advance Payments under International Import Contracts

Sergei Makarchuk explains how the lifting of the ban on advance payments under International Import Contracts affects the Belarusian business climate.

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Recent amendments to employment law

Boyko Guerginov looks at recent amendments to employment law and analyses how they are aimed at improving and clarifying some aspects of employment relationships and business operations.

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New savings possibilities related to general meetings

Jiri Salac gives an overview of new saving possibilities related to general meetings and which steps companies have to take to make full use of the new statutory relief.

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European Commission suspends Hungarian retail and tobacco tax

Peter Szajlai and Marton Tiba provide an overview of the Hungarian retail and tobacco tax law and explain why the European Commission has suspended implementation of the law.

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Intra-group loans and the arm’s length principle

Mirela Nathanzon analyses the practice of intra-group loans and compliance with the arm's length principle.

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Recodification of the Slovak Civil Code of Procedure

Jozef Bannert discusses the recent recodification of the Slovak Civil Code of Procedure which intends to simplify, speed up and economize Slovak court proceedings.

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