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CEE newsletter June 2019

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Austrian Supreme Court Ruling on Cash Pooling

Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein explains the importance of cashpooling in group financing issues by examining a recent ruling that dealt with the issue of cash pooling for the first time.

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Expansions of Online Gambling Business Opportunities
Sergei Makarchuk discusses how the Belarusian authorities intend to make Belarus a popular jurisdiction for gambling by regulating online gambling and expanding gambling business opportunities.

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Amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act

Boyko Gerginov gives an overview of some important rules adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament to bring the Personal Data Protection Actinto line with the rules enshrined in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to further elaborate some GDPR provisions.

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The new EU framework for screening foreign investment is now inforce

Lukáš Hoder analyzes the new EU framework for screening foreigni nvestments as well as the next steps and challenges in the Czech Republic.

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Major changes regarding copyrights in construction documentsand the legal consequences of employers’ payment delay

Major changes regarding copyrights in construction documents and the legal consequences of employers’ payment delay

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Competition Aspects – Prices on Foodstuffs Market

CHSH Romania describes the Romanian Competition Council Report for 2018 and its special focus on the food sector due to the high number of food products in the shopping baskets of Romanian consumers.     

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Amendment of the Slovak Labour Code

Ivana Sedovà summarizes Act. No. 311/2001 of the Slovak Labour Codeand its amendments effective as of 1 January 2019.

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New rules on the use of drones in the Republic of Moldova – asseen from the perspectives of aeronautical security and personaldata protection

Natalia Balaban highlights the impact of drones on certain aspectssuch as economic efficiency and competitiveness and how it coulddirectly and indirectly contribute to the creation of new jobs and theneed for amendments to legislation currently in force in the Republicof Moldova.

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