CEE newsletter December 2016

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Constitutional Court confirms constitutionality of reference rent

Stefanie Heimel analyses a recent decision of the Austrian Constitutional Court that reviewed the system for determining the rent charged under rental agreements.

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New Pledge Register

Sergei Makarchuk explains the function of the new register and why it is welcomed by the Belarusian business community.

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New Law on Loan Agreements for Consumers Related to Immovable Property

Boyko Guerginov highlights the key aspects of the new law and its aims to increase the level of protection afforded to consumers.

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New Public Procurement Act

Nikol Španvirtová analyses the significant changes introduced and explains how the new act aims to reduce the administrative burden and increase the flexibility of the tender procedure.

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Major Changes expected in Hungarian Competition Law

Márton Kocsis and Tamas Polauf briefly summarize new rules that will introduce major changes in Hungarian competition law, taking effect at the end of this year.

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New regulation on fiscal obligations resulting from transaction with shares

Adrian Iliescu highlights the most important changes introduced by the new regulation on fiscal obligations.

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Constitutional Court rules the solar tax partly unconstitutional

Jozef Bannert discusses a recent ruling of the Slovak Constitutional Court, which declares certain elements of a fee imposed on electricity producers in 2013 as unconstitutional.

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