Higher Education Law

Our blog on higher education law will keep you informed of current case-law, legal developments and other fascinating questions relating to Austrian and European higher education law. You will almost inevitably also gain an insight into our activities in this field. For many years, we have been advising and representing higher education institutions, teachers, students and students' unions, with great success.

September 2021

News on the invalidity of exams – and the European law exam at the University of Salzburg

The case attracted considerable media attention. During an exam on European law at the University of Salzburg, the correct answers to multiple choice questions were still visible for some students due to an error when the exam papers were copied. The university subsequently declared the exam null and void – wrongly, as the Administrative Court recently ruled in favour of a student represented by CERHA HEMPEL (20/8/2021, Ro 2020/10/0025).