D-A-CH Competition Law Conference

08 October 2020

On 8 October, the first D-A-CH Competition Law Conference (D-A-CH Kartellrechtsforum) will discuss „Relative Dominance – Open questions and developments“ via Zoom.

The conference is organised by Prof. Dr. Peter Georg Picht, LL.M. (Yale), University of Zurich, Prof. Dr. Eckart Bueren, University of Göttingen and Dr. Anna Wolf-Posch, LL.M. (Columbia), Competition Law Partner at Cerha Hempel. Amongst the speakers are Mag. Dr. Natalie Harsdorf, Acting Managing Director of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority; Jörg Nothdurft, Chief Legal Officer, German Federal Cartel Office; Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann, Dipl.-Ök., DIAP, President of the Swiss Competition Commission, University of Zurich; Prof. Dr. Philip Marsden, LL.M., Senior Advisor, Bank of England, College of Europe, Brussels and many other reknown antitrust practitioners.

To register, please visit https://dach-kartellrechtsforum.ch/.