Competition Inspections in 21 Jurisdictions - A Practitioner's Guide

"COMPETITION INSPECTIONS IN 21 JURISDICTIONS – A PRACTITIONER’S GUIDE" has been published and we are deligthed that the CERHA HEMPEL competition law experts Dr. Bernhard Kofler-Senoner, Dr. Anna Wolf-Posch and Dr. Michael Mayer contributed the country chapter for Austria (available here).

Dawn Raids play an important role in Austria's competition law enforcement

The Austrian Federal Competition Authority (“FCA”) has an impressive track record regarding dawn raids. Over the past decade, the FCA has conducted more than 140 dawn raids in various industries. Also, the FCA's rights and competences have increased significantly in recent years.

Dawn Raid Preparation is Key

Correspondingly, rights (and obligations) of raided undertakings have changed. Thus, it is key for undertakings to prepare for a dawn raid, so that employees are trained and adhere to the specific do's and dont's.

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