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Our lawyers advise clients on all aspects of commercial law. Thanks to decades of experience and expertise, at CERHA HEMPEL we know and understand the ins and outs of every area of law. At the national and international level, we continuously demonstrate our business know-how. Apart from guaranteeing unparalleled quality, trust, and professionalism in all areas of commercial law, CERHA HEMPEL also guarantees its clients the highest level of service combined with the latest legal knowledge.

ESG / Sustainability

Geopolitical developments and changes in security policy, climate change and regulatory requirements.
The subject of sustainability is becoming more and more important in the Austrian corporate landscape, both from an economic and legal perspective. So, it is hardly surprising that corporate decision-making processes are now closely interwoven with environmental, social and regulatory factors ("Environmental, Social, Governance", ESG for short).

In the ESG sphere, companies are constantly confronted with new laws and guidelines and it is often very expensive and time-consuming for companies to integrate them into their internal processes. Together we can help you ensure that sustainability, legal certainty and economic success go hand in hand!

The ESG & Sustainability Teamis made up of experienced experts from all areas of law. Our objective is to help guide your company towards a secure and ustainable future.

  • Biodiversity and deforestation
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Energy transition
  • ESG and tax
  • ESG competition and collaboration
  • ESG regulatory developments
  • Human rights and supply chain
  • Sustainability-related governance
  • Sustainable transactions

Our experts

Dr. Anna Wolf-Posch, LL.M.
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Dr. Armin Schwabl, LL.M.
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Dr. Alexander Reich-Rohrwig
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Mag. Zakar Stepanyan
Senior Associate
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Mag. Vural Eser, LL.M. LL.M.
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