Dr. Peter Knobl



  • Co-authorship to the Commentary on The Securities Supervision Act, 1998 (with Frölichsthal, Hausmaninger, Oppitz and Zeipelt)
  • The European Legal Framework Concerning the Drafting of Banking Contracts, 1996, 283 pages (Part 3/1 of the series: Österreichisches und europäisches Wirtschaftsprivatrecht (Ed. Koppensteiner)
  • The Hierarchy of Regulations under Austrian Law, VWGÖ 1989, (3), VIII, 270 pages

Contributions to various volumes:

    • The Implementation of the EU Transparency Directive in Austria, The European Lawyer (December 2006/January 2007)
    • A Review of the Austrian Securitization Framework from a Legal Perspective, Global Securitisation Review (2006/07)
    • The Implementation of the Prospectus Directive in Austria, European Single Financial Market (2005/2006)
    • Prospectus Directive Implementation Explained, Austria, IFLR (July 2005)
    • Werbebeschränkungen für Anbieter von Finanzdienstleistungen (innerhalb wie außerhalb des Fernabsatzes), in Fletzberger/Schopper (Hrsg), Fernabsatz von Finanzdienstleistungen (2004), 120-162
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    • European Banking Law, in: Griller (Ed.), Banken im Binnenmarkt (1992), 452 pages


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