Draft AI Regulation (overview)

The EU continues to work on developing a future AI regulation. After the European Commission presented its first draft regulation on artificial intelligence, the European Council has now also adopted its common position.

The draft regulation on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) follows a risk-based approach to the classification of AI systems. Artificial intelligence systems with unacceptable risks are generally prohibited. AI systems that do not even fall into the low-risk category will have unrestricted access to the European market and therefore will not be subject to any other obligations than those already imposed under existing legislation. The remaining categories include high-risk AI systems and low-risk AI systems. In order to be used lawfully, both categories must meet the requirements laid down in the future AI regulation. Non-compliance is subject to penalties.

The final regulation is expected to be adopted and become directly applicable throughout the European Union in 2025. In our next blog post, we will provide information on the specific provisions to be included in the AI regulation.