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Amendments to the Viennese Building Code

Edda Unfricht and Mark Krenn explain a recent amendment to the Vienna Building Code that aims to decrease rental costs and land prices for subsidized properties.

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Change of Real Estate Registration Procedure

Sergei Makarchuk highlights some significant changes to the procedure for registering real estate, related rights and transactions.  

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Lease agreements under Bulgarian Law

Boyko Gerginov summarizes the main features of lease agreements under Bulgarian law and the effects of share/asset deal on lease agreements.

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Pre-emptive right relating to co-ownership and its consequences in practice

Matej Bolek discusses a new amendment of the Civil Code that changed the provisions regulating the pre-emptive right of co-owners significantly.

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Tax-free Property Companies?

Wilhelm Stettner and Zsanett Szabo describe the benefits of a Hungarian Real Estate Investment Trust and why this form of operation offers an extraordinary opportunity for companies active on the real estate markets.

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From adjoining land plots to a consolidated plot

Sebastian Bolda illustrates the steps that need to be taken to consolidate adjoining plots and obtain a building permit for residential, retail, and industrial developments.

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Termination of a lease in the event of a change of property owner

Jozef Bannert analyses a ruling of the Slovak Supreme Court on the lessee’s right to terminate a lease in the event of a change of the owner of the leased property. 

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