Vienna Arbitration Days

The “Vienna Arbitration Days” Conference – 12-13 February 2010 – will focus on the effects of the (current?) financial crisis on arbitration...

The “Vienna Arbitration Days” Conference – 12-13 February 2010 – will focus on the effects of the (current?) financial crisis on arbitration:

  • The attitudes of state entities – have they changed?
  • Tactics against effective arbitration – as instructed by quite a number of clients
  • Insolvency and arbitration
  • Is the system of arbitration in crisis?

Well-known international speakers will present these delicate issues. Participants from 30 countries are expected to take part. Arbitration as a system and bilateral investment treaties have increasingly come under heavy scrutiny in government circles – what does the future hold? The present financial crisis has led many parties to instruct their lawyers to block progress in arbitration cases wherever possible – where do we go from here? What is the value of arbitration if parties – after protracted procedures – go bankrupt?

This conference is a must for arbitration lawyers and in-house legal councils of concerned parties! More information can be found at

Arbitration at CHSH: What makes us special?

Arbitration is part of our tradition. CHSH has been renowned for its competence in arbitration ever since the firm’s inception. Beginning with Karl Hempel and building on the extensive experience and expertise of Benedikt Spiegelfeld, Irene Welser and Peter Vcelouch, arbitration has always been and remains a core competence of our law firm. CHSH currently has three equity partners who perform substantive arbitration work, enabling us to offer our clients a variety of different personalities prepared to act as chairman, sole arbitrator, arbitrator or counsel. Our arbitration team is comprised of experienced lawyers and specialist associates of different ages, which allows us to take on cases that a sole individual would be unable to handle effectively, particularly when acting as counsel or in fast track proceedings.

Irene Welser is co-editor of the Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration, which has been published annually since 2007, and co-organizer of the “Vienna Arbitration Days”.