CEE newsletter September 2017

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Crowd financing at risk?

Alexander Gruber and Thomas Trettnak explain recent court rulings that challenge one of the most popular forms of crowd financing.

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Securitization of Receivables Introduced in Belarus

Sergei Makarchuk analyses a recent edict that introduces securitization – a progressive step forward for Belarus.

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Recent Amendments to Bulgarian Legislation

Boyko Guerginov highlights recent changes to Bulgarian labour legislation and points out significant amendments affecting the licensing of payment and electronic money institutions as well as payment system operators.

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New protection measure under Czech criminal law enabling the seizure of property

Pavel Siroky and Marek Smula analyze a recent amendment and explain why it will be an effective instrument in the fight against crime.

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New rules on the liability of ex-directors of failed companies

Edina Nagy and Magdolna Macsuga analyze the amendment to Hungary’s Bankruptcy Act and explain why the changes are two-pronged.

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Use of buildings for which fire authorization has not been obtained

Ana Dumitrache summarizes key issues for the use of buildings that lack necessary fire authorization.

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Discharching debts

Peter Lovasz reports on the implementation of a new instrument for discharging the debts of natural persons and its implications for debtors.

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