CEE newsletter September 2016

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ECJ preliminary ruling on JV notification criteria in Austrian merger control matter

Stefan Hirner and Johannes Frank analyse a recent preliminary ruling procedure about the European Merger Regulation and its impact on future transactions.

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New Law on Public-Private Partnership

Sergei Makarchuk explains the new law on Public-Private Partnership and why it is a progressive step towards a free market economy in Belarus.

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Amendments to the Offshore Companies Act

Boyko Guerginov summarizes the recent amendments to the Offshore Companies Act and how it aims at reducing the restrictions for activities and investments of offshore companies and their affiliates in Bulgaria.

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Cross border element in employment relationships

Being an integral part of employment relationships, cross border elements raise many issues that need to be handled. Jiři Salač discusses a few aspects with regard to Czech law.

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Case law on the enforceability of comfort letters, guarantee declarations in the new Civil Code and their relationship

András Fenyőházi outlines the new Civil Code and explains why the newly introduced “guarantee declaration” might be a suitable option.

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New regulation on the application of a reduced VAT rate of 9% in agriculture

Anca Stingã highlights the key aspects of the new regulation and discusses its consequences on the Romanian agricultural sector.

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The General Data Protection Regulation – a new approach to data protection in the EU

Ľudmila Dohnalová analyses the General Data Protection Regulation and explains why it constitutes a fundamental and important change in the EU data protection framework.

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