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CEE newsletter March Special Issue on Real Estate

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Recent Ruling of the Austrian Supreme Court on Strict Liability of Real Estate Developers for Immissions

Filip Ballok explains the recent ruling of the Austrian Supreme Court and describes why Austrian property owners can now be held liable for damage caused by construction works to an adjacent property independent of fault.   

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Special Legal Regime of the Great Stone Industrial Park

Sergei Makarchuk gives an overview of the Great Stone Industrial Park and the excellent opportunity it represents for those wishing to invest in high-level industrial production, providing investors with favourable terms for a safe and well protected investment in the long term.

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Overview of taxes and fees related to real estate transactions

Boyko Gerginov outlines the main taxes and fees related to the transfer and ownership of real property under Bulgarian law.

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Right of superficies

Matěj Bolek explains the right of superficies which is a re-established right in rem that has been introduced into Czech Law by the new Civil Code.    

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Transaction Liability Insurance is More Popular than Ever in Hungary

Dr. Wilhelm Stettner and the Real Estate and Construction Team of CHSH Budapest analyze the importance of, and interesting facts relating to, transaction liability insurance for buyers and sellers on the real estate market in Hungary.  

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Romanian Real Estate Market: challenges in a trend of consolidation and maturation

Sebastian Bolda summarizes a number of aspects that make the residential, office and retail sectors of the Romanian real estate market so interesting.                                             

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The amended Cadastral Act

Veronika Šišková describes the Amendment of the Slovak Cadastral Act and its effects on the functioning of the real estate cadaster, cadastral proceedings, and the provision of data from the real estate cadaster.

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Preferential tax regimes for investments in the Republic of Moldova

Natalia Balaban highlights Moldova’s favourable tax regimes and why they represent a substantial advantage for export-oriented businesses in an increasingly competitive economic world.

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