CEE newsletter March 2017

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Transposition into national law of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive by enacting the Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act

Albert Birkner and Viktoria Hamorszka analyse the Non-Financial Reporting Directive that has been transposed into national law and illustrate which aims it pursues.

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Increasing the transparency of securities market

Sergei Makarchuk gives an overview on the adoption of the Regulations that provide a clear set of rules for the disclosure of information concerning the Belarusian securities market.

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Amendments to Commercial Act

Boyko Guerginov summarizes significant recent changes to the Commercial Act.

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Identification of beneficial owners of corporate entities

Hana Maláčová highlights the recently introduced obligation in Czech procurement law to inform the contracting authority of the identity of beneficial owners.

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Who can sign on a company’s behalf?

Andrea Presser and Tímea Kálmán try to answer this seemingly simple question and explains why it is advisable to consult an expert before regulating representation rights.

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Integrated information system for tracking wood material

Anda Nicoara discusses a recent decision by the Government updating norms regarding the origins, circulation and trading of wood materials in Romania.

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New Register of Public Sector Partners

Veronika Šišková reviews a recent regulation that sets new conditions in contractual relations with public administration and introduces a Register of Public Sector Partners.

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