CEE newsletter March 2016

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Disclosed: The Appendix to the Foundation Deed

Albert Birkner analyses the Austrian Supreme Court’s landmark decision on registering amendments of the appendix to the foundation deed and its constitutive effect.

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New Benefits for “Green Energy”

Sergei Makarchuk discusses the latest measures that give preferential treatment to companies producing and selling electricity from renewable energy sources.

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New Insurance Code / Grid access fees in relation to renewable energy

Boyko Guerginov explains how the new Insurance Code aims to better protect the interests of policy holders. Moreover, he summarizes a recent decision of the Supreme Court ruling on grid access fees in relation to renewable energy.

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Legal news for 2016 in the Czech Republic

Petr Kalis summarises the most significant changes and legal news from the end of 2015 and provides an overview of other important legislations to be introduced in 2016.

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A Renaissance in Mortgage-Backed Lending?

Dr. András Kauten explains how the Hungarian National Bank is attempting to diversify the sources of financing for long-term residential loans and is trying to induce market participants to gradually increase the level of long-term sources of lending.

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The right of employers to verify whether and how their employees are fulfilling work-related obligations

Mirela Nathanzon highlights a decision of the European Court of Human Rights related to the use of company computers and resources for personal use.

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Amendments to Slovak Corporate Law

Jozef Bannert outlines the most recent and significant amendments and their impact on Slovak corporate law.

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