CEE newsletter June 2017

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Cartel and Competition Law Amendment Act 2017

Johannes Frank and Stefan Hirner summarize the key changes introduced by the recent Cartel and Competition Law Amendment.

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Simplifying the Procedure for Setting Up a Company in Belarus

Sergei Makarchuk analyses recent attempts by the Belarusian government to simplify all legal procedures related to doing business in the country.

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Recent Amendments to Bulgarian Legislation

Boyko Guerginov highlights recent changes to the Accountancy Act, Labour Code, Consumer Protection Act and Civil Procedure Code.

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Obligation to charge customers for plastic bags from 1 January 2018

Lukáš Srbecký and Adam Macek explain how the new amendment to the Packaging Act aims at reducing the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags.

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Companies will have new obligations and face heavy fines from May 2018

Adrienn Dömők and Tímea Kálmán show that changes to the new European data protection regulation will require considerable preparation on the part of businesses.

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New Regulation regarding specific taxes for accommodation, restaurants and other related activities

Anda Nicoara and Adrian Iliescu report on the introduction of specific taxes on specific business activities in Romania.

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Recent Amendments to Slovak Legislation

Jozef Bannert briefly recaps recent amendments to Slovak legislation.   

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