CEE newsletter June 2015

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Insolvency & Restructuring

Thomas Trettnak explains the Higher Regional Court’s recent decision that clarifies that the repayment prohibition for shareholder loans granted to a company in crisis must not be circumvented by a petition for insolvency proceedings.

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New Securities Act

Sergei Makarchuk explains how the adoption of the “Securities Act” aims to streamline the regulation of securities and contributes to an improvement of the investment climate in Belarus.

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Recent amendments to banking bankruptcy regulations

Boyko Guerginov analyses recent amendments to banking bankruptcy regulations in Bulgaria and their alleged retroactive effect.

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New rules for the reduced working hours system in 2015?

Jiři Salač and Kristýna Kovářová discuss the new rules for the re-implementation of the reduced working hours system and the advantages and disadvantages for companies in the Czech Republic.

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How competition law is changing the retail sector in Hungary

Tamás Polauf and Márton Kocsis look at how a recent modification to the Act on Commerce is changing the retail sector in Hungary.

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New Fiscal Code an Fiscal Code of Procedure

Mirela Nathanzon highlights recent amendments introduced by the new Fiscal Code and their positive influence on foreign investment in Romania.

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The amendment to Act No 7/2005 Coll. on Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Jozef Bannert focuses on the most recent amendment of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Act that seeks to provide better protection for creditors and introduces

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