Pro Bono

Working pro bono forms an integral part of CERHA HEMPEL’s corporate culture and set of values. CERHA HEMPEL believes in providing services predominantly free of charge, voluntarily rendered and in the interest of the general good.

Our Pro Bono Policy

Based on a precise CERHA HEMPEL Pro Bono Policy adopted by its general meeting in
December 2019 and regular support granted by its Pro Bono Committee, CERHA HEMPEL has
rendered pro bono services of “particular charity (non-profit), socially beneficial, environmental
protective, employment protection and human rights related pertinence” between 01 January
2022 and 31 December 2022 as follows:

  • Ground Truth Solutions (Austrian non-profit association, Verein): This NPO specialises in
    including the perspective of the demand side (people affected by crises, field staff and local
    partner organisations) in humanitarian aid, thus supplementing the traditional supply side
    approach by the demand needs. This enables them to communicate their feedback to policy
    makers and aid providers. The Vienna based NPO was also in 2022 supported by CERHA
    HEMPEL in its administrative tax proceedings to achieve the charitable tax-exempt status
    before the Federal Finance Court of Vienna. The scope of services provided encompassed
    around 33 hours in 2022.


  • Ronald McDonald House Charities (Ronald McDonald’s Kinderhilfe, Verein): CERHA
    HEMPEL is represented by an honorary member and a second member in the supervisory
    board of this registered Austrian non-profit association. In 2022, CERHA HEMPEL
    supported the association in construing rental contracts, by determining the association's
    main office, in legal questions of damage claims as well as of civil and corporate law and
    by participating in supervisory board meetings. The scope of services performed in 2022
    was around 45 hours.


  • Radio Maria Österreich (an Austrian FM radio transmitter seated in Vienna and owned by
    an association, Verein): CERHA HEMPEL has advised Radio Maria, a catholic Christian
    radio transmitter, in connection with the review of its internal finance and accounting. The
    scope of services provided comprised around 18,5 hours in 2022.


  • Karl Schubert Bauverein – Dorfgemeinschaft Breitenfurt (registered non-profit association):
    CERHA HEMPEL assisted the association in drafting its standing rules, in concluding a real
    property contract, a contract on a building on a third party's land and in granting allowances
    to staff unit members. The scope of services comprised around 68,25 working hours.


  • READY – Verein zur Potentialentfaltung junger Menschen (registered association): The two
    founders, Theresa Valenta, BA, MA and Christina Sponner, BEd, were consulted in
    founding the association and in civil legal issues launching their first project "die Baubox",
    a workshop for young females from 10 years that targets at teaching them love of handling
    tools and technology. This project is further sponsored by the "future Wings" foundation
    and the SEED program issued by the Austrian Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs. The
    scope of the advisory services was around 12 working hours in 2022.


  • Austro-American Society (Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft, a registered nonprofit
    association): CERHA HEMPEL has revised and updated the association’s standing
    rules, its entries into the Austrian associations’ register, participated in the general
    assembly and delivered adhoc-legal advice. A CERHA HEMPEL partner was co-opted as
    director within two involved associations. The scope of services rendered was around 18,5
    hours in 2022.


  • Institute for the Protection of Marriage and Family (Institut für Ehe und Familie): CERHA
    HEMPEL has rendered advice in constitutional law in areas relating to euthanasia,
    discrimination of individuals, freedom of religion, data protection and labor law. The volume
    of services provided comprised around 10 hours in 2022.


  • ITI Catholic University (Katholische Hochschule ITI, Trumau): CERHA HEMPEL advised
    this Ecclesiastical Theological Faculty on the review of its internal finance and accounting,
    participated in the Board of Trustees' meetings, supported in the statutory body's asset
    management activities, advised on legal issues of Austrian labor law, delivered an expert
    opinion on issues of university law and assisted in the election of a new rector (chancellor).
    The volume of services provided in 2022 was about 49 hours.


  • Tech2people GmbH: This entity operating a center for robotic neuro-therapy was advised
    in coporate legal questions to an extent of around 2 hours in 2022.


  • Sovereign Order of Malta (international legal personality, religious community with its
    autonomous charter): CERHA HEMPEL advised in connection with a house property share
    charged by a third party's preemption right and the drafting of a settlement agreement. The
    scope of services delivered was around 20 working hours.


  • Ukrainian nationals (private individuals): In May 2022, Ukrainian nationals were advised as
    to Austrian immigration laws to the extent of around 5 working hours.


  • Representation of a traffic accident victim (private individual): Between August and
    December 2022 a victim of a traffic accident was advised and supported in enforcing its
    claims to the extent of around 60 hours.



Apart from the core activities described above for 2022, CERHA HEMPEL provided sponsoring
and other supporting services to organisations active in social and cultural areas like VinziRast.
Finally, CERHA HEMPEL renders volunteer work at highly reduced hourly rates for
ecclesiastical organisations and non-profit associations that are linked to existing clients.
The two last-mentioned activities are also subject to the law firm’s Pro Bono Policy and
supervision by its Pro Bono Committee.

The two last-mentioned activities are also subject to the law firm’s Pro Bono Policy and supervision by its Pro Bono Committee.