Legal Tech

Digitisation is affecting and transforming all sectors of the economy and all aspects of life – including our legal work at CERHA HEMPEL.

Using and actively shaping innovation

Not only have we digitised our internal processes and provided advice on all legal aspects relating to digitisation, we also have extensive experience of selecting and using legal tech tools. Whether in the context of internal investigations or due diligence, we continuously work with the leading tools and are therefore able to recommend the most suitable legal tech tool for your specific project and use it in our cooperation with you.

In addition, at our CERHA HEMPEL Legal Tech Centre we work as part of interdisciplinary teams comprised of lawyers and IT experts to develop our own legal tech tools (such as CP tools, whistle blowing tools, or apps), which not only help to make our legal work more efficient, but which we also employ for the benefit of our clients when providing advice. In this way, we not only wish to use pre-existing legal tech solutions, but we also strive to actively shape the future of legal work.

For further information, please refer to our Legal Tech & Digitalization Folder.