Best Thesis Award

LAWard 2019

As an international corporate law firm, CERHA HEMPEL aims to further high-quality education and practical legal training and support those students and graduates who have shown themselves to be particularly gifted and talented individuals.


Best Thesis Award

To promote the academic activities of those studying Austrian, European and international corporate law, CERHA HEMPEL – in cooperation with the business law programme at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) – presents the CERHA HEMPEL Best Thesis Award – the LAWard 2019 – with a total prize fund of EUR 3,500 to undergraduate and master's students who have written truly exceptional dissertations on a subject relating to corporate law and to one graduate of a PhD in law programme whose thesis has been judged to be of exceptional quality.

Prizes will be awarded by a jury consisting of academics and legal practitioners, in the following three categories:

Undergraduate dissertation

Master's dissertation

PhD thesis


Undergraduate dissertation            EUR  500.00 (awarded in respect of two dissertations)

Master's dissertation                     EUR 1,000.00 (awarded in respect of one dissertation)

PhD thesis                                     EUR 1,500.00 (awarded in respect of one thesis)


End of November the jury identified the winners who will be awarded their prize in a ceremony on 21 January 2020.

The conditions of participation can be found here.

Facultas supports the LAWard 2019 through publication of the dissertations in respect of which prizes are awarded.


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